Our practice has recently implemented the use of a product called Simpli5.  These clear aligners can correct minor crowding and spacing resulting in a beautiful smile in just 5 months.  Simpli5 is primarily prescribed for correcting misalignments in the front 4-6 teeth, but can also be used as post-orthodontic treatment or pre-veneer alignment.  Over half a million people have already chosen Simpli5 to correct their smiles. An examination and impressions of your teeth will be performed to determine if Simpli5 Aligners are right for you.  Once it is determined that you can benefit from treatment and you decide to begin, we will take impressions and photos of your teeth.  AOA Orthodontic Labs will use 3D Imaging Technology and our impressions to have your trays ready in as little as 3-4 weeks.  You will wear each set of trays for one month at a minimum of 20 hours daily.  The invisible, lightweight trays exert gentle force to move your teeth into their desired position. Near the end of each set, the trays wills start to feel loose.  This means that Simpli5 is working and your teeth are shifting properly.  After your treatment is completed, your last set of trays will act as a retainer that you will wear each night.
Simpli5 involves cutting edge technology and a clear, more cost effective alternative to metal braces.  The alignment system is an investment in the future of your oral health.  Straight teeth make brushing and flossing easier and more effective which, in turn, can help you fight plaque and decay.

Patient before Simpli5 treatment (note the spaces between the teeth).

Patient after a 5 month treatment with Simpli5.

Patient wearing the Simpli5 Clear Aligners.

Technology We Use

Our practice regularly introduces new technology to benefit our patients and stay up to date with new techniques and equipment.


Many of our patients suffer from migraines caused by night time clenching or TMD (tempro-mandibular disorder).  The NTI is a small plastic device worn at night over the first few front teeth on the upper or lower arch.  It prevents the back teeth from making contact with each other which reduces the temporal and masseter muscle contractions by 70%.

Intra Oral Camera

Intra oral cameras are great for patient education.  We will frequently do a "full mouth tour" for our new patients to chart needed treatment for them.  The pictures captured by our cameras are extremely crisp and clear allowing patients to identify cavities themselves.  These photos are often used for insurance purposes as well.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

(Laughing Gas)

It's not uncommon for some patients to feel anxious when they arrive for dental treatment.  That's why we offer nitrous oxide sedation commonly referred to as laughing gas.  Nitrous is a completely safe, tasteless, odorless, gas that when inhaled with oxygen has a calming effect much like a small dose of Valium.  Nitrous oxide is not a general anesthetic and you will be conscious throughout your entire procedure.  After your treatment you will inhale 100% oxygen for 5 min.  This will flush out any remaining nitrous in your system and you will be okay to drive.

Cordless Handpiece

A significant part of your cleaning with our office involves your teeth being polished with a flavored abrasive paste.  Traditionally this was done with a corded handpiece attached to the dental chair.  Our office recently invested in a cordless handpiece.  It's lightweight portable design allows us to polish your teeth faster and more effectively.

Clinpro 5000

Clinpro 5000 was first introduced into this office in 2011.  It is a prescription strength toothpaste that contains extra fluoride and the innovative tri-calcium phosphate.  Tri-calcium phosphate re-mineralizes soft enamel and can even repair the early stages of a cavity.  This toothpaste is great for patients who are just coming out of braces and may be concerned about "white spots" they may see on their teeth or for patients who have numerous restorations in their mouth.  When used once daily, Clinpro 5000 continually delivers fluoride to cavity prone areas like the margins of restorations.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are probably one of the most important advances our office has made.  We implemented our digital system in 2005 and since then we have been taking x-rays with more efficiency and less radiation.  Digital x-rays produce as much as 85% LESS radiation than traditional x-rays.  This means less worry about over exposure.  Our images are made available in about 4 seconds on our computer screen so not only can you see your own x-rays but the doctor can diagnose and treat your condition faster and more effectively.

Air Abrasion Unit

Our air-abrasion unit is one of our most patient appreciated devices.  It blasts millions of tiny aluminum oxide particles to gently clean the decay out of a cavity.  It generally requires no anesthetic and is particularly helpful for pediatric patients.

In-Office and Take-Home Whitening Packages

We have two different whitening procedures for our patients.Our in-office procedure is usually a 3 appointment process that produces better results on patients whose teeth are on the darker half of the spectrum.  This involves a 36% carbamide peroxide solution being applied to the teeth for 15 minutes at a time.

After 3 treatments, the average patients will see a 6-8 shade whitening

Our take-home process is the more popular of the two. This involves taking impressions of the teeth that are to be whitened.  Trays are made on site and are often available within 24 hours.  A package of 4 syringes of 22% carbamide peroxide solution is delivered to the patient along with the trays and a storage case.  You will be instructed on how to load and care for your trays.  We will take several photos and record your shade.  We ask that you return for a check appointment each week for 3 weeks.  At the end of the final week we will have a series of before and after photos available for you to view.  At this time you may decide if you want to continue whitening or if you are satisfied with your results.  Whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure done in this office.

Occlusal Guard

A very common dental problem is bruxism (tooth grinding).  This can happen during the day or while sleeping.  An occlusal guard worn during the night can drastically improve this problem and prevent further damage to your teeth.  A sports guard is essentially the same things as a night guard.  It is worn during sports activities to prevent dental injury.